We want to create a cake that is as pleasing to the eye as it is sumptuous to eat. We use high end chocolates from France, Belgium and Switzerland. And we use the freshest and finest ingredients available, understanding that fresh ingredients are best when used in season and produced locally.

Our approach is to let the ingredients and theme for your event speak to us about what the final product will look like. We will listen to you describe your event and favorite flavor profiles, and create a cake you will never forget.

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Pear Caramel Delice - caramel mousse, pear Bavarian with poached pears, almond dacquoise
Milk Chocolate Exotica - milk chocolate mousse, spiced tropical fruit cream, almond dacquoise
Orange Blossom - vanilla genoise,caramel mousse, orange blossom cointreau mousse, spice cake
Caribbean Streusel Cheesecake - almond biscuit succes, cream-cheese and tropical fruit mousse, candied lemon and streusel topping
Chocolat Pistache - chocolate-almond sponge cake, chocolate mousse, pistachio Bavarian
Longchamp - vanilla genoise, Kirsch mousse, lady fingers and Italian meringue
Frasier - vanilla genoise, whole fresh strawberries, pistachio creme mousseline, marzipan
  Reve des Iles - chocolate sponge cake, rum macerated raisins, rum Bavarian, dark chocolate mousse
Pomme Normande - vanilla sponge cake, Calvados Bavarian, caramelized apples formed in a dome
Lemon Bombe - lemon mousse, raspberries, choice of poppy seed or vanilla sponge cake, formed in a dome
Oregonian - hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut mousse, dark chocolate ganache
Perlia - coffee mousse, caramel Bavarian, coffee genoise, caramel glaze, lady fingers
Passion Framboise - passion fruit mousse, raspberry glaze, pistachio sponge cake, genoise
  Irish Coffee - coffee genoise, coffee Bavarian, light coffee cream, whiskey syrup
  Le rucher - honey sponge cake, raspberry mousse, honey Bavarian, honey meringue, Italian meringue, honey-raspberry glaze
  Spanish Orange - fresh candied oranges, chocolate orange sponge cake, orange mousse, orange cream, orange glaze
  Golden Pearl Brownie Cake - dense bittersweet chocolate brownie with pecans, Cognac macerated golden raisins, Cognac vanilla bean cream
  Swing - vanilla sponge, diced papaya and mango, tropical fruit mousse, lime mousse
  Chocolate in Paradise - bittersweet chocolate mousse, passion fruit cream, chocolate almond sponge, ganach
  Mixed Berry Charlotte - choice of vanilla or chocolate almond sponge with raspberry syrup, mixed berry mousse, and fresh seasonal berries
  Roussillon - genoise, sauteed apricots, apricot mousse, almond biscuit, Italian meringue
  Cappuccino - chocolate espresso mousse, Italian meringue
  Riviera - chocolate almond sponge, dark chocolate mousse, lemon cream, candied lemons
  Cheese Cake: plain, white chocolate raspberry, strawberry swirl, chocolate swirl, kahlua
  Carrot Cake - walnuts, hazelnuts, apricot jam, cream cheese filling, marzipan
  Tiramisu - mascarpone cheese, lady fingers soaked in espresso, dusting of cocoa powder
  Griotte Pistache - almond sponge cake soaked in cherry syrup, with pistachio Bavarian and cherries